FAQ's 7th & 8th grade

Q. How many teams will both 7th and 8th grade have?

Beginning with 7th grade, we no longer split the teams. Both 7th and 8th will have one combined team each.

Q. What will the practice schedule look like?

Practices for 7th & 8th grade will begin on August 26.  The 7th Graders will practice on Monday & Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:30 and also on Thursday 

Q. What does the game schedule look like?

The season consists of 6 games. All games will be held on Wednesday nights beginning on Wednesday, September 11.  Your team’s opponent, game location, and game time is scheduled by the league (WMMSFL). 7th graders typically begin at 5:00 pm, and 8th graders usually start around 6:30 pm. Also, there will be a scrimmage on Wednesday, September 4.

Q. How many of the games will be played at South Christian?

We are still trying to figure out if we will have the opportunity to play home games this year due to the move to the new school. Typically, each team will play 3 home and 3 road games. 

Q. Where will our home games be played?

We are still working out these details. Most likely we will be playing our 2019 games behind the new high school on the varsity practice field. The new high schools address is 7979 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Byron Center, MI 49315.

Q. Where will practices be held?

We do not have this worked out yet. 

Q. Is the South Christian Youth Program affiliated with or run by the high school?

The program is run with the cooperation of South Christian but is in no way affiliated with the high school. The program is a part of the WMMSFL (West Michigan Middle School Football League) and run solely by volunteers.

Q. Are there Weight Limits?

There are no weight restrictions at the 7th and 8th grade level.

Q. What Equipment is Needed?

Each player must provide his/her own helmet (must be a white helmet), game and practice pants/pads, practice jersey, shoulder pads, football cleats (metal or screw in cleats are not permitted), and mouth guard. Game pants are your responsibility, but game jerseys are provided by the league due to generous donations by a few key sponsors. Pants and practice jerseys can be purchased through Sporting U.

Q. Are There Any Rules Concerning Playing Time?

There are no rules involving playing time. The effort and attention that each player shows during the week determines the amount of playing time that a player  receives. Our coaches make sure that every player plays in every game, with special teams as a part of the equation.

Q. What are the rules (if any) concerning Position Assignments?

There are no rules that dictate positions that players play. Each player is evaluated for their individual skill set and is placed in positions where they can best help the team. Football is a unique game where all 11 people on the field must do their job for a play to be successful and that means that all positions are important.